Hello world. It's me, Emily.


I'm part way through the spring semester of my junior year and the University of Southern California has been moved online for the remainder of the semester. I've been practicing self-isolation in LA for a while now and plan to continue doing so until going out no longer endangers my community. I may be heading up to my hometown in Sun Valley, Idaho at some point, but need to make sure that I will not be a vector of COVID-19 in doing so.

I turned 21 while in self-isolation and had the biggest (albeit virtual) turnout of any of my birthdays to date. For an introvert who enjoys a mule or wine every now and then but avoids heavy drinking, it ended up being a pretty ideal 21st birthday party.

I'm also very proud to announce that I will be joining Apple for a summer internship in interface design with the Pro Video Apps team, where I will be working on products like Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor. Fingers crossed it still works out with this chaos!